Milk-Bone Treat Tumbler Interactive Dog Toy

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Make your dog’s treat time a playful time with the Milk-Bone Treat Tumbler an interactive treat dispenser for small dogs. Just insert 5-7 Milk-Bone Mini’s biscuits then throw, roll or place the toy treat dispenser near your dog. The treats are only released when the interactive treat toy is moved a certain way, assuring that your pup is kept playful and occupied. -Specially designed to work with Milk-Bone Mini dog treats -Includes twenty (20) Milk-Bone Mini’s biscuits, made in Buffalo, NY -Made of high-quality, durable, non-toxic material -Treat dispenser challenges & stimulates your dog Sizes -Use Small Treat Tumbler only for dogs up to 24 lb and over 6 months in age -Use Medium Treat Tumbler only for dogs up between 25 to 49lbs and over 6 months in age