8 Door Panel Midwest Life Stages Pet Exercise Pen - Black

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We love hex pens (exercise pens) for rabbits and guinea pigs as an alternative to conventional cages.  The ability to change the shape makes them easy to fit in your home and allow ample space to move around when the pet is confined.  They also have the added advantage of portability to take the animal outside for fresh air while keeping the animal safely confined.

The Midwest Life Stages Exercise Pen with Walk-Thru Door comes with the convenience and security of the MAXLock Door System. The patent-pending MAXLock Door System enhances security by providing multiple lock points around the perimeter of the door. The locking handle allows you to easily and conveniently operate the door in one motion without kneeling or bending. Simply lift to unlock and swing the door open. As you close the door, just lift, position the door against the crate and lower it into the eyelet latches. Secure the handle in the down position to lock the door.

Wire gauge: 9, 11.