Midwest Wabbitat Deluxe Extra Long Rabbit Home White, Red

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When choosing a home for a rabbit, remember the rule of three.  The rabbit should be able to make at least three full hops in one direction.  If it can't the cage is too small.  This cage is also appropriate for multiple guinea pigs.  Can purchase perches separately to make jumping platforms for chinchillas.

You’ll be comforted to know it assembles quickly and easily without tools and comes ready-to-go with accessories that include a removable hay feeder, a water bottle, and a feeding bowl. The elevated feeding area creates a privacy space underneath, and the stationary feeding bowl reduces spills during meals. And if there are occasional spills? The Wabbitat Deluxe features an 8½-inch-deep, easy-clean plastic pan that contains messes and litter. The durable powder-coated wire top has 1-inch mesh spacing for optimal ventilation and visibility. Given its full-width side door that lifts and rests overhead and its large top door, pet owners always have easy access to their pet for cleaning, feeding, and playtime.


  • 8.5” deep easy-to-clean plastic pan contains messes and litter
  • Durable powder-coated top features 1-inch mesh spacing for ventilation and visibility
  • Quick and easy assembly – no tools needed
  • Base and wire top can fold down completely
  • Large top door gives you easy access to pet
  • 47.24" x 23.62" x 19.68"